How to Train Your Mind?

Mindfulness is the most important thing if you know what it really is. Do we do anything mindfully? If we can spend every minute of each day till we die with mindfulness, you would be surprised at what you will get. Living mindfully is the best way to stop and manage your stress, anger, worry […]

Stress Management

“Stress”, is that really something bad and negative? What comes to your mind right now? If we look at the literature, there are three types of stress. 1. Eustress 2. Stress 3. Distress. The first one is good and takes you to your achievements whereas the second is tolerable and not a bad condition but […]

Life Skills

Most of the problems we face today are due to our lack of life skills. Life skills have nothing to do with your degrees or doctorates but it is about how practical you are and the level of common sense you have developed. Most of the people struggle with life because of their inability to […]

Control your own Thoughts

Be careful about your thoughts. The thought is always a phrase, not a word. We always think in phrases like ‘He doesn’t love me’, ‘He always comes late’, ‘He is so ugly’ etc. If you think about your thoughts carefully, we let our positive thoughts pass easily but negative thoughts? We always chase after our […]

Anger Management

Nowadays we hear a lot of incidents about the break- ups and divorces which have become very common among people. There can be many reasons for that but the main reason is your EGO. What is your Ego? It’s your sense of self-esteem, self-importance, self- worth and self-conceit. Because of your high ego, you place […]

Parenting Skills

If you are already a parent or planning to be a parent, this finds you at the right time. What is actually parenting? Is parenting a learnt skill or is it passed from generation to generation? It is a learnt skill. It is something you will have to learn and develop by yourselves. According to […]

How can you Change your Attitude?

We want the people around us to be like the way we want them to be. A person is considered ‘bad’ if they don’t behave the way we like. But have you ever thought about yourself in this situation? What others want you to be and what they want you to do. No. Because we […]

How to Stop Worrying and Start Living

What do you worry about? We all worry about our relationships, work-life, financial status, housing matters, health, future, and many more things. There is nobody who won’t worry about any or many of these things except newborn babies. WORRY is defined as a set of responses to an unknown, imprecise or ill-defined threat, often anticipatory […]

Do you Judge others?

Do you judge others? No. I don’t. That will be the answer to all of us. But what if I say yes, we do pass every minute in our life judging others. You have got to believe me. This is called non- judgmental thinking in psychology. This is very similar to giving a verdict in […]

Finding Real Happiness in life

Do you believe if I say you that there are people out there who live really happy in this world? The number can be very few. But the factor is true. You may think happiness is the ‘smile or laugh’ in one’s face. Or is it wealth? The happiness we talk about here is not […]