What do you worry about? We all worry about our relationships, work-life, financial status, housing matters, health, future, and many more things. There is nobody who won’t worry about any or many of these things except newborn babies.
WORRY is defined as a set of responses to an unknown, imprecise or ill-defined threat, often anticipatory in nature and created by the imagination, it is associated with the need to be prepared. This is a bit long definition but it gives the overall and a complete idea to what worry is. Read it two-three times again and you can really see the depth of worry.
Worrying over something can be a habit if you let it develop. Take a moment and think about a situation where you worried about something. We do worry about things either which are out of our control or things which will be solved with the passage of time. Worrying about it at this moment will you no result except it makes you stressed and weak.
So, what are the effects of worrying? In brief, they are, it reduces the creativity of yours, brings different types of disorders, sleeplessness, lack of concentration and poor performances.
The most interesting thing is there is a useful worry as well. Worry can be really useful when you can control your worry and not let worry control you. When you take the upper hand, worry can be your best friend in solving your problems. Because worry gives us a signal that we are going to have a problem and it makes us ready to find a solution and start our problem-solving process. Then you can start to think about a plan, discuss with other possible answers before it gets worse, and finally, your worry leads to a productive outcome.
But we sometimes do not see this positive side and only use worry for useless things. We worry about the same thing over and over, don’t we? This repetition takes up a lot of your time and energy. The other thing is we do overestimate bad things happening. If you think about it don’t we always predict the worst outcome rather than a good one? We think something bad will always happen and we worry about it even when the problem is far ahead. So, you will definitely start to have head or stomach aches and or difficulty in sleeping and eating.
Here are some tips that will help you to stop worry and start living.

1. Keep yourself busy

It has been found that those who worry a lot are the ones who have more free time. Isn’t that true? When you are busy with your work, (doing office work, writing a book, cooking, cleaning and any of the work) you don’t have time to worry about anything else. Because you are focused and you have a target to achieve. A lot of free time is wasteful and you need a short break only when you are too tired. You can enjoy your break to its utmost when you have it at the right moment. So, keep yourself busy with any of the work that is worth it. Even reading the newspaper makes you busy. Life is more worthy of something important than you worry about it and life is too short as well to be spent on worrying.

2. Think and act cheerfully.

We all have our own problems and they are never-ending. When we find a solution to one, there will be another in front of you. Whenever there is a problem, you will start to worry. So, take all these worries cheerfully. Act and think with happiness. Then you will feel cheerful rather than worried.

3.Have a separate time to worry

When you read this it will seem like fun. You will ask me ‘Oh common, is there a separate time for worrying now?’ But ‘yes it is’ is my answer. Anytime except when you are working or engaging in a work, you can have a few minutes to worry. That is because as we discussed worrying can be useful for you. Don’t ever take the time before going to the bed to think about your worries and problems. You won’t be able to sleep properly if you do so. You have to be very relaxed before going to sleep.

4. Co-operate with the inevitable.

In this world, there are things that you can control and things which are not. So, be ready to accept the reality. Incidents like sudden deaths, economical loss, repeating the exams are so common in the society we are living in. So, don’t get too much involved in anything.
Practice your religion properly.

5. Don’t imitate others.

Each one of us is different. So, don’t try to imitate others. Find yourself. When you start to do so, you will see that you are the most important person and finding yourself is the most difficult. The way they see a problem and solve it can be ok for them but not for you. You can have your own ways to stop worrying and start living.

6. Forget and forgive.

This is one of the practical ways to stop worrying. Life will be so easy for you and for me if everybody can practice this. If we can forget and forgive others easily, there won’t be anything left to worry about. Just forget whatever the incident that makes you worried. Do not let it control you. But unfortunately, that is what happens to us. If somebody blames us or gives a bad comment on our social media, we start to worry, don’t we? If you can let it pass without disturbing you, you have then forgotten and forgiven.

7. Count on your blessings always

We all are fortunate enough to be born as human beings with intellectual power. We are blessed with loads of good things though we don’t see them properly. So, try to count on your blessings as a man or a woman. They are huge than minor worries and problems.

8. Live in this moment

We all do live in the past or future. Either we are worrying about something that has already happened or we worry about something that is going to happen. But only a few of us live in the present moment. The present moment is the right moment for you to live, not past or future. Try living in this moment and all your worries will be gone since they belong either to the past or future of yours and others around you.

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