Mindfulness is the most important thing if you know what it really is. Do we do anything mindfully? If we can spend every minute of each day till we die with mindfulness, you would be surprised at what you will get. Living mindfully is the best way to stop and manage your stress, anger, worry and every other negative feeling. Would you believe me if I say you can practice mindfulness even when you are sleeping or eating? Yes, you can. that is called mindful eating and mindful sleeping. You can practice this with the five senses of yours. Once you start to have your meal, you can eat it with your five senses. Most of us do not enjoy our mealtime alone. We chat with our friends or watch the t.v or browse social media. Even when you are reading, driving, swimming, cooking or doing anything else, you can practice this skill. The only thing that you have to do is do one activity at a time and pay all your attention to that particular activity only. do not take your attention to anything else at all.

There are three Hs which are very important in this regard. They are Head, Heart, and Hand. These are inter-connected. Your head or the brain processes the things, heart gives you feelings and emotions while hand execute the actions. In mindful training all these three are important.

What is actually this mindfulness then? It is your consciousness. Being aware at this right moment about your feelings, emotions, desires and thoughts. This is something we have to practice in everyday life because as you all know it is very rare we keep notice of what we are thinking at this right moment. We don’t think much about what we are really thinking and what kind of feelings and emotions come and go in our mind.
If you want to know how to be happy, how to manage anger, how to be relaxed etc, and the answer to all these is mindfulness.
I am going to teach you one basic mindfulness practice trick. Try it at home.
 Sit in a chair comfortably with your back straight and legs on the floor
 Close your eyes.
 Divide your whole body into three major parts.
 You can do it as the parts above the neck, the parts below the neck and above your hip and third the parts below your hip likewise.
 Then keep partial awareness on your breathing.
 Don’t try to breathe artificially. Just breathe in and out as you do normally.
 While you are doing that, keep mindful about sensations from the outside.
 What your body feels from the outside (wind, coldness, warmth, )
 Practice this for about 10-15 minutes.

If you are really interested in developing your mindfulness, “mindfulness bell” is the ideal thing. There are different apps that you can download and practice. There are videos and articles as well to guide you about how to use this app.
There is another mindful practice which you can practice in bed, a few minutes before sleeping if you really don’t have time to do it in the daytime.
• Lie down on your bed
• Close your eyes
• Pay attention to your breathing
• Feel the breathe in and out
• Feel the pain or tightness in any of your body parts ( in your legs, head or anywhere)
• Pay attention to that pain.
• Feel it.
• Think that this pain is now releasing gradually and it is going away.
• Think like that for several minutes.
• Open your eyes and see how you feel.
There are similar types of mindful practices that you can do alone. Most important thing is, you have to be aware of your thought that comes to you at this right moment and practices this skill to do so.

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