“Stress”, is that really something bad and negative? What comes to your mind right now?
If we look at the literature, there are three types of stress. 1. Eustress 2. Stress 3. Distress. The first one is good and takes you to your achievements whereas the second is tolerable and not a bad condition but the third is unmanageable and not healthy for you at all.
People use different terms for these three types.

1.Positive; brief increases in heart rate, mild elevations in stress hormone levels

2. Torelable; serious, temporary stress responses, buffered by supportive relationships

3. Toxic; prolonged activation of stress response systems in the absence of protective relationships

Where does this ‘good stress’ come from? Think that you have an exam next week or you have your wedding next month? For this kind of things, you have to be very organized, pre-planned and get ready. If you have not taken the burden of these, then you would not be able to achieve any. It is ‘good stress’ which paves the way for achievements.
The other side of the story is bad. People are over-stressed for certain things because of their negative attitudes, behaviours and feelings. When a student is not organized, and have a good plan, it is no doubt that he will be over -stressed when it comes closer to the exam days. You won’t be over- stressed at your office, if you manage your work there on time every day. You should always take the responsibility of a reasonable amount of work or tasks for a day or a week. If it is beyond your capacity, you can ask the management to reduce it or if you are doing it to earn extra, you should have a good plan to manage your work at the office. None of your schedules should bother your family bonds. Staying a balanced person is a good way to keep stress away.
People use different strategies to manage their stress. Don’t attend too much on your work or studies. The brain too gets tired after working sometimes and it needs a break like your body. According to the recent studies, brain can concentrate up to a maximum of 2 hrs and after it needs a break of 20-30 minutes. The work will be more productive if this can be followed. If you really can test, you will see that it is true. Rather than working continuously for 4-5 hours, if there is a break in between to relax, it would be more productive. You can spend your break, having tea with a friend, calling your family, listening to some music etc.
The other important factor is don’t expect everything to be perfect and think you are the only person responsible for everything. Most of us want EVERYTHING or NOTHING. Nobody likes to take the middle path. Life is always over-generalized for you, don’t you think?. Maybe you are one of them or if you look outside, you can find many of them.
Practice FLY, FIGHT or FREEZE mode (3 Fs mode). Sometimes you will have to fly away from certain situations and things according to the circumstances. It is not necessary to embrace everything around you and try harder to achieve them all. There will be cases you really have to fight for the things. Without a battle, you won’t be able to get these things. Finally, you have to stay immobile without no response to whatsoever, because whatever you do will either be beneficial or harmful or neither both of them, even without your reaction. You have to be witty to select which time you should fly, fight or freeze.
Family problems, financial problems, educational problems etc. are some of the common stress sources. The problems lie within the attitudes of the people. Some are not happy about their achievements and desire for the unreachable. They spend their time regretting about what they don’t have. They don’t see the value of seeing the positive side. It is a good thing to desire more and work for that but too much of expectations lead us nowhere. We have to know our capabilities and limitations well. It is reasonable if you try to buy a car when you have a motor-bike, but if you make plans to buy a luxurious car at once when you cannot even afford a motorbike, it is a bit impractical in the world we are living in.
Have you heard about ‘Acute stress reaction’? It is a condition that occurs due to a sudden unmanageable stress situation like a sudden death, accident, committing suicide or any other traumatic incident. People who have been in or eye-witnessed terrorism, natural disasters to face this condition. This condition passes by within a few hours or days of the incident and if it lasts longer, it should be treated immediately. Most of us have experienced acute stress reaction in our lives because of the numerous road accidents every day and diseases like cancer, dengue fever etc. This is another side of stress. The religion teaches us how to bear such events in life and if you have practised that, this condition will no longer affect you. You can read about this further, you will be able to deeper facts about it.
If you are leading a balanced lifestyle, with a balanced personality, balanced psychological and emotional aspects, distress will not be a big issue in your life.

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